The Team


Italian by name and birth, international by fact. After a few years spent exploring some bits of the world and a lot of her own mind, she landed to Melbourne 3 years ago and decided to put a tiny bit of sense in that crazy head. That’s how she began her adventure at Swinburne University where she is currently working pretty hard to become a real expert in the Social Media Arts. She loves: the smell of fresh coffee, a good tune to start her morning with and a movie/documentary to watch at the end of a chill day.


A filmmaker and Melbournian at heart. James spent the better of the last 6 years travelling all over Victoria in between film shoots and university study. More than anything else, he believes strongly in the power of filmmaking in showing new perspectives and in letting us into the lives of all kinds of people, if only for a short while. Now studying at Swinburne, where he aims to take his technical and social skillset to new heights. He loves: exploring new locations, talking to different people and pulling all-nighters in an editing bay working on his next favourite film.


Hardik, which means from the bottom of heart, in Indian languages, is an Indie filmmaker and a storyteller. Spent many years in different places in India knowing different cultures and people of those places, is now exploring and experiencing the life of Melbourne city. Currently studying Masters of Media and communication, to enhance media and filming skills at international level.He loves: to explore new unexplored places through the lens of his camera, cook a delicious meal for mates and enjoy meeting new people over a table chat with chilled beer.


An anomaly, a graphic designer who is of the opinion that memes are art and if you see him in passing, run because he will show you one of his many unimpressive card tricks. Decided he hadn’t really hit a low point in his life so he moved to Melbourne from Mumbai to start his career from scratch and take on the challenges of being an international student. Clayton loves watching anime and posting ‘Who’s here in 2020?’ comments on youtube videos. He also loves playing basketball and believes he’s gonna learn to dunk someday (He’s 5’8″, it’s never gonna happen). He also tries too hard to be funny.