Lost in the big city of Melbourne, many stories intertwine. Young director Ashman Mahfudz captures one of these narratives, opening for us a window into memories and family tales.


Anna loves cooking. She loves the way it makes her feel and the wonderful memories this practice incapsulate for her. In this short movie, she presents us her unique cusine upbringing and a very special relationship she built with her long-time idol, Nigella.


Ask to any Melbourne citizen about one of the services that, during these lockdowns, got them absurdly disappointed. One of the most popular answers will surely be: the post. In this short, catchy piece director Alfredo Mendoza reveals to the public is traumatic experience.


March 2020, Melbourne enters its first lockdown. Many citizens suddenly find themselves locked in their places with no much to do. Will and his flat mates decide to overcome the boredom with some DIY in their backyard. It turned out the making process was even worthier that the final outcome.


What if you had planned your special day for months but then a pandemic would come and blow off all your beautiful plans? Tim and Chithira decide to not let Mr. Rona getting in their way. Through some difficulties, a bit of craziness but with a huge dose of positive motivation they kept on fighting for their dream to come true. Here’s their story.


The advent of novel Corona Virus, and the subsequent lockdowns across multiple countries, left numerous people with a growing sentiment of anxiety for the future to come. Director Jackson Wong and his younger brother Jerome are among those. Both international students, they are relaying on hospitality jobs to cut it through. How will it end?


Keren had a really hard time during the first months of lockdown in Melbourne. When in June the situation back in China, her Country of origin, the situation started to improve, her parents could fly over to visit her for her birthday. The love of her family and a quick dive in her traditions promptly led her on the road to recovery.


Dane Lao has many different activities that occupy her day-to-day life. All of them have been affected, more or less severely, by the current pandemic. For our young Cambodian director, though, breaking down is not an option. She is determined to bring into her new routine all the positive vibrations and thoughts she needs to overcome this challenging time.


Music is a very personal experience. It can arrive in our lives for many different reasons, in millions of forms, and it can lead some of us onto very particular paths. Linh Le (director of ‘The precious time) chose for us four characters: Nguyen Huy Tuan ,an incredible beatboxer, Nguyen Quang Khanh, a very talented blind pianist, and Nan and Hoang Vu, a lovely music duo. This is the story of what they found beyond the sound.


Plans often don’t go as intended. Unexpected events are everywhere in life, and the advent of the current pandemic certainly is the ultimate proof of that. This movie is the journey through the disruption of a project, the construction of new one and the realization that adversities sometimes are the key for success.


The spread of COVID -19 generated panic among the world population. The isolation measures taken by governments all around the planet to contain the virus were perceived as terribly severe and totally unprecedented. Is that truly so? Through some beautiful pieces of historic footage, and very insightful present testimonials director Dai Ngoc Thang scatters light on the Polio epidemic that back in the ‘50s terrorized our world. The similarities are surprising.


COVID – 19 had a huge impact on our economy. One of the most damaged was that of Music and Entertainment. With this brief but brilliant interview director Celine Alexander takes to learn more about this situation through the voice of someone who is living it on his own skin.


Woven tapestry is an antique form of textile art. Few years ago Catherine decided to experiment with it. Today, she produces little irreverent pieces which successfully combine modern messages with this traditional practice. This is her story.


The decision to move one’s live abroad takes a lot of courage and numerous sacrifices. With the current pandemic, the situations of international residents in Australia became even more complex and difficult to deal with. Alfredo Mendoza comes once again behind the camera to present the story of Paloma.


COVID-19 completely revolutionized our everyday living. Children and young adults as well have been heavenly affected, with major repercussions on their educational system. In this short investigative piece, director Georgina Rampling gives voice to a few teachers to help us understand how this complicated transition is taking place.


Shriya S. Varghese ( director of Wedlock’ed), returns on the stage. This time, though, she choose to turn the camera towards herself and tell the audience the emotions, troubles, good and bad moments and reflections that isolation brought into her life.


Kunthea arrived in Australia from Cambodia a few years ago with her family. Now completely settled in the new home Country, this Cambodian family is still proudly attached to her traditional habits and festivities. This year though, the celebrations for the Cambodian New Year, took a very different turn. In this brief documentary, Kunthea shows us the way by which the community adapted to new circumstances.


Caiti is a gymnast. Her hands are one of the most important tools to exercise her passion. Jemma, Caiti’s elder sister, is an 11 years student who can’t wait to remove her braces. With the advent of the pandemic, the life of both of these girls has changed. And so, has their attention to particular hygiene practices.


Many people found themselves far from their families during this pandemic. This wasn’t the case for Linh Le. When the first lockdown started, if fact, she was in her hometown Hanoi (Vietnam) and, luckily, she could still enjoy the pleasures of her family life. Moreover, she eventually found out that the time we dedicate this important part of our life is too often given for granted.


Large, empty spaces. A landscape almost surreal. A city which lost almost all her forms of life. On the melancholic notes of ‘Nuvole Bianche’ by Ludovico Enaudi, Robin Sylvester encapsulates for us little moments of the extraordinary universe of Melbourne closed in its isolation.


During this pandemic travelling is highly problematic. Each journey could put a persona health’s seriously at risk; plus, each traveler when arriving at his/her destination must undergo a very strict 14-days long quarantine. Keren had to do so three times, in three different countries. Her journey was taught, but she eventually managed to find some rays of sun even through this rainy sky.