The Moxie Story

The year 2020 has redefined a lot of familiar university experiences and transformed them into entirely different but universally relatable moments. Getting onto public commute has been replaced with opening your laptop or PC, walking through your university campus has now become opening the zoom or any other video conferencing app, entering a bustling classroom full of students is now replaced with a screen full of blocks with students who have a wide range of creative zoom backgrounds and questions are raised by clicking a button instead of raising your hand. The quintessential university experience looks very different from any movie you’ve seen or from the one you’re used to if you were a student pre-coronavirus.

But amongst all the confusion of setting up a virtual education pipeline to replace the now impossible physical one, students and educators, worldwide, brave a whole new set of challenges to persevere in their respective quests of gaining and imparting valuable knowledge. They wake up everyday listening to doomsday-like news, shrug it off and continue to keep the wheel turning, forging their way through the mundane day-to-day life in lockdown. They stow away their fears of the unpredictable future and trudge the path of making their mark on the world with great determination and strength. They put on full display, their incredible Moxie. The Moxie Film Festival was conceived by Prof. Andrew Garton to showcase the courageous spirit of these students. These short films were created under circumstances no one anticipated but everyone endured for the sake of the lives of millions.

Some of the most adversity ridden periods of time have inspired the greatest art and the students of Swinburne University have made these short films while being burdened with harsh lockdown restrictions. Unable to see their friends, families, hit by the wave of unemployment they’ve conceived these films as a testament to their dedication for the craft. These short glimpses into their lives amidst coronavirus restrictions are proof of the ability of humans to unite and create something beautiful in times of distress. The Moxie Film Festival aims to celebrate that spirit of camaraderie and elevate the feeling of community as we continue to stay away from each other physically but connect with each other virtually to express our unending desire and appreciation for art. The light at the end of the tunnel may seem far away but our unwavering moxie doesn’t falter. We will see each other through this dark and uncertain time while applauding the accomplishments of those who create while surrounded by destruction